The program Ultimate Windows Tweaker (UWT) is an amazing tool that can help you customize almost every aspect of the Windows Desktop Environment. A very simple Guided User Interface that allows some of the most non-computer savvy people to use. UWT allows you to make changes such as the transparency of the Taskbar, disable unneeded aspects of Windows such as boot animations and sounds. UWT can also help make your computer much more securely by limiting access to certain parts of Windows that a normal end user would (or should) never use. The program does not need to be installed and can be run from any location on the system once it extracted or unzipped. UWT can also be an invaluable asset for computer technicians with features such as:

  • Disabling telemetry/biometrics
  • Resetting the advertising ID
  • Handwriting data sharing
  • Taskbar Bing web search
  • Cortana
  • Windows Update sharing
  • Windows Feedback requests
  • Password Reveal button
  • Steps Recorder
  • Inventory Collector
  • Application Telemetry

Many of these features are using resources that could be better used elsewhere. Disabling these features could speed up your PC tremendously.

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