Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Company

What Do You Do?

We provide IT services, Web Services, and Technology Training for small and medium size business in the state of Oklahoma. Take a look at our services page for complete details on the services we provide.

Do You Really Offer 10 Hours of Free IT Services?

Yes and there’s no catch.  Here’s why. . . We want more quality business relationships and with companies like you and you want quality IT at a fair price. We were made for each other! So, for a limited time we are offering 10 hours of free technical support to small businesses in the central Oklahoma area. This is just our way of saying thanks for giving us a try.

Where Are You Located?

We are located at 500 N. Meridian Avenue, Suite 402 in Oklahoma City. See our Contact Us page for map and directions.

Are You Hiring?

Yes. We are growing and always looking for good people to join our team. See our Employment page for current openings and resources for job seekers.

Do You Charge For a Minimum Billing Time For Incidental IT Services?

We don’t charge 1 or 2 hour minimums like other companies. We never have. We bill in 15 minute increments and if your job only requires 15 minutes . . . this is what we will charge.

When Do You Bill for the IT Services You Provide?

We send out invoices on the first business day of the month. Charges on your bill will be for Incidental IT services rendered during the previous month and Recurring IT services (support plans, maintenance plans, etc.) which will occur during the current month.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 10 Hours Free Promotion

What Can the 10 Hours Be Used For?

You can use the 10 Hours for any incidental IT and Web services which you’d like. This includes on-site IT services for any IT-related project at your business location or in-house services for any IT Services we may perform for you at our locations (e.g. computer repair, system rebuild, etc.). It also includes any Website Design and Development project. You may use it entirely IT service or entirely for Web services or a combination of both.

Why Are You Doing This?

We are excited about what we have to offer and want to spread the word. We are eager to grow our business and, to do so, we are offering to give 10 hours of free IT and Web Services to small businesses in the state of Oklahoma. This is just our way of saying thanks for giving us a try.

Is There a Catch?

No. This is a real offer for real IT and/or web services with no obligation from you whatsoever. After your 10 hours are used, there is no pressure for you to continue. We just want you to know who we are and what we do.

How Long Will This Promotion Last?

This offer is for a limited time only. This is a one-time promotion which we expect to discontinue at some point in 2019 however we don’t have an official end date at this time.

What Businesses Qualify for this Offer?

Any business which is located and operating in the state of Oklahoma and has a need for the kind of services we provide qualifies for this offer.

What if I Use Less Than 10 Hours?

If you don’t use all of your 10 hours we will credit you the balance and you can use the balance of your time at any point during the promotion period until your entire 10 hours are used.

Can I Use My Free Service Hours in Half Hour Increments?

Absolutely! In fact will bill in quarter hour increments, so you can use your 10 Hours Free in increments as little as 15 minutes!

Will I get a Bill for the Free Services I Receive?

Yes, but you will not owe anything. You will receive a zero balance invoice which details the services you received under the 10 Hours Free promotion. Your invoice will also show the balance of your free hours (if any) remaining.

What if I Use More Than 10 Hours?

If decide to use more than 10 hours of our services, you will receive a an invoice showing all services provided and your total balance owing will only be for service hours beyond the 10 Free Hours credit. So, for example, if your project requires 12 hours, we will bill you for 2.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with you 10 Hour of Free services, just give us a call at 405.400.8870 or send us an email at and request an appointment. Free support will be on the way!

What If I Have an Emergency?

If you have an emergency please indicate so when you contact us and we’ll expedite our response to you.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information about our 10 Hours Free promotion see our Terms and Condition page. Don’t forget to visit our 10 Hours Free Promotion page. You can also contact us at or give us a call directly at 405.400.8870.