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IT service providers are a dime a dozen. We know this. Some of what we do is common to most of our competitors. A lot of what we do is truly unique. The reason has to do with why Verit Labs exists in the first place. We are committed to exploring and developing new and better methods to provide the highest quality of IT services possible. One of our most important defining characteristics is our approach to customer relations. We see our clients as business partners and view our role as a critical component of their business success. Unlike many of our competitors we are not after our client’s money – it’s the relationship we seek to build that sets us apart.

Our goal is to assist our clients in growing their business by leveraging technology in the more cost effective and proper way. Success in their bottom line translates into our success. Another defining characteristic is our approach to customer support. Our approach to IT is in direct contrast to the traditional break-fix service model. We seek to support the whole fabric of technology as it integrates with small business. More than just technology consultants or service providers, we work diligently to evolve and manage the technology of our clients to help them streamline their businesses and add to their success.

Relationships Matter Most

We’re not after your money – we’re after you!  We want to know you and understand your business.  We want to help you meet and exceed your goals.  Yes, we’d love to earn your business, but it’s the relationship that matters most.

Mastery of Our Craft

To lead the market, we know we must attain unsurpassed competence in what we do. This means we have the skills and experience to meet any challenge at any level for any business. Our dedication to the acquisition of knowledge in our field is second to none!

We Partner With You

We consider ourselves your business partner.  That means we are a stake holder in everything you do.  Naturally we like to win and want you to win. We do everything we can to serve your interest and help you leverage technology to meet or exceed your goals.  When you win we win.

We Empower Our People

We believe empowerment Unleashed Genius. This is a very powerful principle that drives how we operate. That’s why we provide our people with the support and tools to they need to succeed. Verit Labs team members are empowered, autonomous, stake holders in both our success and your success.

We Strive To Be The Standard

Our goal is to become the gold standard for the IT and web services profession. Clearly and aggressively setting standards is not just an academic exercise for us – it is critical to the Verit Labs mission. We are committed to methodically defining, revising and improving the standards we set.

Innovation Is Our Secret Sauce

We are creating powerful synergistic partnerships with our clients and empowering good people to be the best they can be. This is helping us to create a culture of excellence. However, to truly leave an indelible mark in the IT industry, we Know we must also innovate. This is the secret sauce which distinguishes us as truly unique.

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“To be the best, you must always outpace your former self.”

Lee Tampkins
President, Verit Labs

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