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Incidental IT Services

Incidental IT Services Professional IT Services When You Need Them – None When You Don’t. No monthly costs. No contracts to sign. We are always available to assist you on a per-incident basis.

IT Support Plans

IT Support Plans Complete Support Plans for Your Entire Network – Now you’re covered! We provide you the most comprehensive support of your entire office network for a reasonable monthly fee.

IT Maintenance Plans

IT Maintenance Plans Now you can have consistent IT support for your network without spending a fortune! Our IT Maintenance plans are flexible and affordable.

Asset Recycling

Asset Recycling We recycle your old stuff! Clear out your computer graveyard, reclaim some office space and yes, even get back some cash! Find out more about the best IT asset recycling program in Oklahoma!

Latest News

20 Years of Windows Server Product History

Posted on April 02, 15
20 Years of Windows Server Product History

The new Windows Server 2016 product is now on the horizon and officially slated for next year. As this looks to be the most comprehensive built out of Windows Server yet and possibly the ushering in of a new era, we thought it would be good to take a look at the rich history of Window Server Product Development from 1993 to 2013. The trend in server and networking technology is nicely seen in the path blazed over the years by the Microsoft Server teams.

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Styles and Themes - What's the Difference?

Posted on May 07, 13
Styles and Themes – What’s the Difference?

Yes, it can be confusing. In Microsoft Word, both Styles and Themes deal with customizations in formatting which effect font styles, size, colors, spacing, etc. Applying and changing styles in Word will change the look and feel of your document. So too, applying and changing themes in Word will also change the look and feel of the document. Both will effect fonts, colors, etc. So what's the difference? Think of it like this -- Styles effect specific areas in your document while themes effect the overall look and feel of an entire document....

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Major Players in Wearable Technology - Part 1: Sony

Posted on April 23, 13
Major Players in Wearable Technology – Part 1: Sony

Sony Corporation has a rich history of designing, producing, and marketing wearable gadgets from Walkman to Mobile PlayStation Accessories. Recently Sony has picked up considerable momentum in the wearable space and is gaining ground. The company already has a strong entry of products in the market including the promising SmartWatch and various eyewear products . . .

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Wearable Technology - The Next Revolution

Posted on April 19, 13
Wearable Technology – The Next Revolution

We've been dreaming about wearable technology for a long time. There have been many quirky ideas thrown around. Many of these ideas have been confined to the world of science fiction and curious oddities. Most never made it off the drawing board while some went on to become marketing experiments ranging from the whimsical to the weird.

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