TCDB 101 – Introduction to TCDB

TCDB 101 Session 1 – The Importance of Data Backup

Introduction to Data Backup Services

With our Online Data Backup Service, we provide clients with professional management of data backups both on-location and in the Cloud.  Our work begins with setup duties which we perform after a new client signs up for our service.  Once setup, we deliver peace of mind by ensuring our client’s data is always safe from catastrophic or accidental loss.  Online Data Backup is a recurring service.  As with our other recurring services, we deliver this service by performing both periodic and incidental duties in response to the needs our data backup clients


Session 1 – The Importance of Data Backup
Session 2 – Data Backup Fundamentals
Session 3 – Data Backup as a Managed Service
Session 4 – Looking Ahead – Future Implementations of Data Backup service

Reading Assignment

IT Cloud Services Guide, Pages 27-30

Training Video

Session 1 – Introduction to TCDB