IT Services

We have many IT Services options to help your business leverage technology without spending a fortune.

Which Service Is Right for You?

Whether you need substantial or minimal IT Support we have a service which is just your size. Have a look at our full list of services and discover which one is right for you.

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For a limited time we’d like to offer you 10 hours of our quality IT services at no cost to you. See our 10 Hours Free Promotion for more information.

What Makes Us Different

While most IT services companies are primarily focused on getting your business (i.e. getting your “money”) we are fundamentally and structurally different. It’s our relationship with you that matters most to us. We treat our clients like family and are committed to providing them with all of the IT support they need to succeed in their businesses — at a cost they can afford. We believe if you are successful, then we’ll be successful. Here are some of the ways we are different:

  • No Minimum Billing Time – Many IT service providers require 1-2 hour minimum billing time for hourly IT services. We don’t. We never have. We bill in 15 minute increments and if your job only requires 15 minutes . . . this is what we will charge. Why should you pay for service time you don’t require?
  • Free Phone and Remote Support – Yes, that’s right. You have a problem, you call us and we’re happy to assist you over the phone, if we are able to do so, at no cost. We can also remote into your system upon request and assist you directly with problems on any computer on your network. While our clients on specific IT Support and Maintenance plans do receive priority for phone and remote support, we also make a special effort to be available to ALL of our clients for any assistance over the phone and/or remotely. Many simple problems can be solved this way and we are happy and eager to do this. As always, this support is provided without a contract and for no cost. Try finding a IT services company that will do this without hounding you to pay for something else — good luck!
  • Small Business Friendly – When we say we support “small” business we mean it! Even if your entire network consists of just 2 or 3 people with a couple of desktop computers and a shared printer we know you still have support issues and your business matters to us. We specialize in bringing corporate-class IT support to small businesses of any size. No matter how great your technology needs, we have real solutions for your business at a price you can afford.
  • Heavy On Information – When it comes to IT, we believe knowledge is power. We believe the “Information” in IT is exponentially greater than the “Technology” in IT. This is why we are especially diligent about gathering and dispensing information for our clients. We also keep meticulous documentation of discovery data and IT support history. We provide this information to all of our clients in various formats on a regular basis.
  • Strict Timeline Standards – “Respond Fast”. “Fix it Fast”. “Be Dependable”. Without real tangible standards, these are just empty slogans. At Verit Labs we have very strict standards for IT service which we systematically measure our performance against every day. This is why we are able to respond to each and every call like it is the most important call of the day. We also set reasonable time-tables against every problem as a matter of policy. We know our clients need solutions in a timely manner and our strictly imposed standards allow us to remain sensitive to that position.
  • Striving To Be Better – We work extra hard to be fully informed of the latest technology and regularly review our service processes looking for ways to improve. As a matter of policy, we frequently solicit feedback from our clients looking for ways to raise the bar on the support we offer. We are committed to always evolving and getting better. That’s also why we work hard to remain highly certified in our profession and push this philosophy on every IT professional on our team. We want our clients to know we am armed with the skills and experience needed to provide the service they need both today and tomorrow.