Importance of keeping Windows updated.

        Keeping Windows updated may seem pointless but they’re several reasons why you should always keep your machine up to date.

        You regularly need to patch security issues as quickly as time permits to settle whatever the issue is. After a fix is released, the security hole becomes public knowledge. Aggressors now know the issue and can race to begin abusing it as quickly as time permits before individuals update. Aggressors know business and home clients  frequently fail to update, and they can wreak some destruction in the time before individuals update. Microsoft releases updates on the second Tuesday of every month and most are security patches. Security patches are extremely important especially if you bank or shop online frequently. If you ever looked at the update page on your computer you may have noticed an update named “Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool” this is updated whenever Microsoft finds a new threat to the operating system and alters the tool to remove the newest generation of viruses and other malware.

       Another reason to update is to try out the new features in the Windows environment and better stability.  When you begin working on a brand new piece of software or are operating system you are at the highest functionality available. As more of the users begin providing feedback bugs start to appear. This is where updates come into play, to fix the bugs and provide more efficient software and a smoother operating system. Additional features are added to Windows occasionally which usually make the system easier to use, manipulate and, customize to you’re own liking.

      I have included instructions on how to update a Windows computer below.

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