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Company Overview

We are an IT services company located in Oklahoma City. We are carefully working each day to discovery new and improved methods of implementing information technology in the small business setting. We provide quality IT services for small and medium-sized businesses at a fair price. We specialize in Microsoft Windows Server and networking technologies for small businesses. We also provide a full range of web services including website design and development, Web and Email Hosting, domain management, and application hosting. We even provide custom on-site training on just about any Microsoft product.


Brief History

This company is a product of deep convictions held by Lee Tampkins in the mid 90s. He always believed that small businesses were not being properly served by the prevailing IT service models. Working over the years as a hardware technician, network administrator, systems engineer, and IT project manager, Lee started to lay the ground work for a new and better approach to bringing quality IT services to small business. This was first documented in a series of detailed notes and white papers starting in the late 90s. Verit Labs was incorporated in 2001 and more extensive research was done. In 2002 Lee began actively working as an independent IT services provider under the Verit Labs name for small businesses in the Oklahoma City area while teaching Microsoft certification courses part time. By 2005 Verit Labs had become a registered Microsoft Partner and Lee began working with many small and medium sized businesses across the state of Oklahoma. In 2007 Lee moved his office into what is our current location in Oklahoma City. In 2010 Verit Labs became a domain reseller and added Web Services to its core set of IT Services. In 2011 Lee developed a unique suite of software from the ground up to help small businesses more effectively and affordably leverage technology. This has become the CoreData software project and it incorporates many of the ideas and methodologies Lee had developed over the year. In 2012, ten years after he started working as an independent IT service provider, Lee decided the time was right to build a team. The Verit Labs idea continues to grow as we seek to master our craft and find the sweet spot for providing both best technical services to small businesses in Oklahoma.


Our Philosophy

IT service providers are a dime a dozen. We know this. Some of what we do is common to most of our competitors. A lot of what we do is truly unique. The reason has to do with why Verit Labs exists in the first place. We are committed to exploring and developing new and better methods to provide the highest quality of IT services possible. One of our most important defining characteristics is our approach to customer relations. We see our clients as business partners and view our role as a critical component of their business success. Unlike most of our competitors we are not after our client’s money – it’s the relationship we seek to build that sets up apart. Our goal is to assist our clients in growing their business by leveraging technology in the more cost effective and proper way. Success in their bottom line translates into our success. Another defining characteristic is our approach to customer support. Our approach to IT is in direct contrast to the traditional break-fix service model. We seek to support the whole fabric of technology as it integrates with small business. More than just technology consultants or service providers, we work diligently to evolve and manage the technology of our clients to help them streamline their businesses and add to their success.


Certifications and Partnerships

Verit Labs is a Microsoft registered Partner.



Beside our aggressive ongoing work to evolve our processing for IT Services, Web Services, and technical training Verit Labs is actively involeved in the following projects:

  • ITRecycleBin – Our Win-Win-Win solution to Asset Management and hardware recyling.
  • CoreData App Suite – Powerful applications to drive your business.